Wednesday, August 24, 2005

School Begins

I love the first day of school. The excitement that surrounds it, the kids in all thier new clothes. The anticipation of wether they will have thier friend of choice in thier class. We always walk the first day. It helps to build the excitement, plus there is never anywhere to park. We walk and the chatter about what they will do, what they are most excited for, what they hope won't happen. I walk 6 to class first, leaving 9 and 11 to fend for themselves. She loves school. It's great to see her so willing to be taught, so eager to be there. She grins to find she gets to sit by a fellow graduate of the afternoon kindergarten class. Love you 6 have a great day, she hugs me, when your in 1st grade it's still okay to hug your mom. On to 9. To my left, open door. He's found a desk, Oh I see you have chose to sit by the red-headed boy, that's okay, the teacher will probably split you up before the weeks over. Pat on the head, Good-bye son, have a great day. See you after school. That wasn't so bad. I hope 9 has a great school year. Now down the hall. Not a parent in sight, don't parents say goodbye to thier 6th graders. Do I dare go in and say goodbye risking the chance of embaressing 11. Heck yes I dare. Goodbye my boy, come give mommy a hug, no that's a bit much. But I did go in, and I waved and I said have a great day. Because He will always know if nothing else, I love him. So home to an empty house, but not quite, because I still have 1 to keep me company, and what a great day we had just 1 and I smiling and playing with no interuptions. Then when the day is over, we parade home, 6, 9, and 11 bubbling about thier day. My Teacher is nice, The naughty kid is in my class, My teacher said if we're bad she'll hang us by our eyeballs, I have P.E. tommorow, do I have to take choir this year? And it begins and I love every second of it.

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