Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Book Worm or Soccer Star

9 is athletic inclined, it comes naturally to him, as icecream eating to me. We enjoy watching him play whatever the season brings. 11 is the smart one, reading and learning, taking everything in his teacher can teach him. I enjoy great debates with 11. But what's this, on occasion the earth shifts. After a break from all sports 11 decided to play soccer once again. The last of his soccer skills I remember were clumsy at best, but what the heck, GO SON!!! We have soccer Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Game Day Saturday. I worry about 11 thinking it will be like two years ago, a complaint, a struggle. But no, not now, the new and improved 11 comes home beaming, I love soccer, I beat everyone at this game we played, I ran the fastest around the block, and just last night he informed me that he is Team captain. I'm amazed! The self confidence the excitement! I will always be proud of my children. But at that moment it was so much more than pride. I felt a joy for my son, that he could feel so happy about himself. That he could look at himself and say, I've worked hard and I can do anything. He can, I truly believe he can.

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