Monday, September 05, 2005


Husband was out all night fighting a fire, a lightning storm passed through and started several fires on the hills. So once agian I was left to fight the home fire alone. They really aren't that bad. It's just hard to keep them occupied without encouraging the brainrotting PS2. Go outside and play, like I did when I was a little kid. Use your imagination! Do you have an imagination. Did I have an imagination or is that all part of my imagination. Did my parents have to prod me off the couch to go enjoy the outdoors. I don't think so, But maybe that's information I didn't retain. It's unimportant anyway. These are my kids and they need to play outside, and enjoy it. MOM, 11 called me a Poopstick! Hey guys why don't you go play the PS2.

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leaner said...

And you lived in the desert as a kid- you still played outside... so I try to tell Will that we played outside in the summer- it would be 110 and we'd be outside. It didn't matter. We'd even be barefoot (maybe that was just me!)
I remember spending nearly every waking hour outside OR reading a BOOK. Kids these days don't do that (unless its the Newest Harry Potter!) The TV is evil it sucks brain cells- the PS2- well I haven't gotten to that point!
Then again- I spend much of my time in front of the computer- so do I have much room to talk? Its a brain sucker, too!