Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How Time Flys

In one month and a day, I will turn 30 years old. I always laughed at people around me when they turned thirty, it really seemed to freak them out. Not me I'm not going to be like that, what's the big deal. Now that the Big Birthday is coming on quickly, I feel well not so much freaked, but well, old! 30 is my aunt Polly. 30 is settled and kids. 30 is PTA president and soccer mom. 30 is capri pants and conservative hair. Wait a minute I've been all these things for awhile now, scary, I've waisted the last of my 20's being 30 without even knowing it. Where's the tattoo shop? Where's the low riding jeans (without the four baby belly hanging over the top)? So maybe now I'm a little freaked. Please tell me it's okay being 30, it's no different than 29. Your only as old as you seem. How old do I seem?


leaner said...

Will and I were discussing this recently. He just turned 28 and I will in a few months. So 30 is just around the corner.
(By the way- my mom is going to be 50 in 2 years- so much for her as 30, huh? I still think of her as 30 also!)
I hope that 30 sneaks in gracefully and that I don't have a freak out moment. 30 is not old, its not even midlife! It just seems old, because we still remember being 15, and 30 was still that many years away. Now we are there- at that cross road, looking down the barrell of the 30 year gun.
30- its really a small number!

TLC said...

Welcome your thirties w/ a clean heart and walk with your head high! Thirty is not that old! Take it from a seasoned thirty something. (seriously - without doing the math I can't remember how old I am exactly!)

abeNanna said...

so if 30 is your aunt polly that is a good thing, right? But then if you are almost 30 how old does that make those of us who haven't been 30 for awhile. Love you, and you'll always seem early 20ish to me.

tif-do said...

Well hello abenanna, it's a very good thing! Only a cool 30 year old could ride roller coasters with a crazy 15 year old. So if I'm half as cool as you at 30 it will be okay.