Sunday, September 25, 2005

Oh Love!

I'd like to paint a lovely story about the way we met. But you can't rewrite, and I wouldn't want to. Our past is colorful. And what happened when I was 17 shows a lot for the person I have become. If I ever hit the bottom, the summer of 1992 was it. And what followed was a love story.
I was running away from myself, the day I bumped into Kenneth. It was Halloween Eve. It was after a football game. It was a kegger (sorry if I could rewrite to make it more romantic I would, but that's life). I had went out to the desert with some friends of mine to a tire burning kegger. My friend introduced us, I said hi, he said hi. That was that. I got home at 1:00 that morning, and not long after he called. We talked it was nice and agreed to meet the next day at a Halloween Party. We did. It was fun. I had fun with him, but most of all I felt safe. I guess that's one of the things about him I fell for first, He was so strong he could protect me, he could keep me safe, even from myself. There was no, will you be my girlfriend, it just fell into place that way. We saw each other more and more, and soon, we were together all the time. Now on the outside I think a lot of people probably thought that he was a bad influence,(In fact my best friend called me from college and pretty much chewed me out), what was I doing with a guy like him? Here's the truth, and as odd as it sounds and some may never understand, Kenneth saved me from a downward spiral. He caught me in my moment of weakness, and something about him made me feel so important, so beautiful, He gave me back my self worth. And that has never stopped. It wasn't all moonbeams and marshmallows. We fought, and fought. We disagreed on a lot. He was young, I was younger. Things were always taken to an immature level. Once I even busted open his nose with a deodorant can. But you know we made it through all that. Somehow we always worked it out, and most of all forgave eachother. There's some mistakes I would take back, but the ones I made that led me here I wouldn't change. They brought me to the man I will spend eternity with, and I couldn't be more grateful for that.
Anyway, we were married 13 months after that. And happily, 4 kids, a dog and a cat later, ever after.


abeNanna said...

Your knight in shining armour rode in on something other than a white horse to save you. We each make our own fairy tale and sounds like you are living out yours. Love you tiff. Wish we lived closer, but guess we've found a new way to share.

hairball said...

Tee Hee. I remember your wedding, Your man was chewing his gum like no tomorrow and so cute and nervous. It was good seeing you guys for lunch last summer.

tif-do said...

That's funny I forgot about the gum. He did one thing that he hates more than anything to be my husband, and that was getting up in front of a bunch of people, and talking. Thats really the day, I knew he'd do anything for me.
Thanks for the nice comments- we're still working on getting there for the reunion, it doesn't fall good with the work schedule, but hopefully we'll make it for a day.

Pen-nut said...

Aren't we all thankful he came into your life. No matter how. And what a great couple you are.

TLC said...

Thanks for sharing! I've always wondered how you two came to be. Love you!