Saturday, September 17, 2005

You know that up until 6 years ago, I thought dribbling always referred to basketball. I never knew that you could dribble with your feet. I didn't know that a goalie was the only one on a soccer field who could touch a live ball with their hands. And I certainly didn't understand what a corner kick was. But you know I think soccer has to be one of the funnest games to watch kids play. This is my 6th season watching soccer, enjoying soccer, coaching soccer. My little group did awesome today. They passed the ball to eachother(this is a great accomplishment when you are 6), they scored numerous times. They were good sports, never complaining, stopping to pick up a fellow or opposing teammate if they had fallen. It's exciting to watch them get better and better every week. So I guess it goes to say, don't be intimidated by doing something new, it might become something you love.
11 and 9 also played today, they both did very well. 9 was the goalie, 11 is a forward. They played hard in the rain and both said they had fun. So even though the next 4 Saturdays are filled with soccer, it is so worth it.


Pen-nut said...

Teaching and coaching kids in anything that builds their self esteem is so worth it. Nothing can ever equal watching them and seeing their excitement when they learn and become better. You are awesome to coach soccer!!!

hairball said...

Back to the blog before. If you highly enjoyed Sleepy Hollow with Johnny depp, then you might enjoy brother's grimm. It had way too much going on visually and storyline. very very confusing.