Friday, October 07, 2005

How Good to Be Me!

Well I'm finally 30. And you know it really isn't different, so moving on to the next thing. I had a good day today. Started off with a call from my mommy. She always sings to me, and then a call from big sis, and she sang to me too. And I love it. My friend watched Kasey so I could get my hair cut. And even though the beautician said my hair is getting thin, it was over all a good experience, and hey if I have to wear a wig when I'm 35 that's okay( cause I can finally have long, thick, blond hair, just joking) . Then my friend and I had lunch at the Frostee Freeze, it was fun. Husband is making steak for dinner, and he snuck out and bought me a cake. So really this has been a good day. I feel really blessed this year for being in contact with all the family that I hadn't spoke to in so long. Well that's that and tomorrow I'm one day closer to 31.


lvh said...

glad you are turning 30 so well. That was my most awful year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - i don't know how you grew up so fast but you also grew up good. love ya.

TLC said...

You are cute as a button! Happy B-day to you. Great before and after pictures. How do you like your haircut so far?

tif-do said...

I like it the way she did it all flippy, but today with my curlies it went curled under, witch is okay but not as good as the flippies. Oh well, I'm glad that I got it cut.