Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's Over!

Today was miss Kasey's last blood draw, and as long as the tests come back alright she doesn't have to go back for another ever. She starts crying as soon as we walk in to that lab. She hates it, they hate it, I hate it. So glad that its over with. So glad that she is better. Its a big relief for me. And its so good to know that she is healthy. (Well short of the nasty bug she's got right now) But she's healthier than 3 months ago. She has color to her cheeks and energy and she's happy. What a different little girl than she was this summer. And I'm so glad that we can move on to the next thing now.


abeNanna said...

Needles aren't fun for anyone. Bad enough when it's us adults, but watching the kids have to go through that is really hard. Even though we know it has to be done sometimes. Glad she's doing better.

lvh said...

I especially hate it when they are taking blood out -that is very scary to me and I understand what is going on. Poor little Kasey - I hope she proves to be okay.