Friday, November 18, 2005

Lost: One imagination

Mom I'm bored, I don't know what to do. Kynzie Ann was born with a severe problem, lack of imagination. Even as a little baby she couldn't be alone for very long, she couldn't entertain herself. This goes on to her as a six year old, who rarely plays alone, her toys sit dusty on her shelf, untouched. It's sad. I being one of great imagination, just ask my family members, have a hard time understanding what her problem is. Just go play! But it's so hard for her. It's lost, and it is my duty to find it. So this being my quest, I make her play for a few minutes, timing her to see how long she will last. I bet you, you can't play for more than five minutes. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Most the time she's my shadow, saying Mom I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, what are you doing, can you, would you, could you.... Until I give up.
Missing: A six year old imagination, if you find it or have an extra lying around could you send it our way!


leaner said...

Its too bad we can't all give her a little of ours!
I really hope she finds some sometime! Maybe reading when she gets older will help? Maybe she is analytical? You should try to find her strong points, what does she do best! Encourage that!

TLC said...

Slade was the same way - we just had this conversation with him over the summer - how all his toys would go untouched. In kindergarten he LOVED a dog book he picked out(mema and papa bought for him while they were visiting) a BIG BOOK full of different kinds of dogs and facts and stuff like that. He carried it around with him the whole year and would sit for hours and hours comparing dogs with his friends or by himself. After that book when he really learned how to read was all of Shel Silversteins books. He LOVED those books to death! They are almost falling apart from him carrying them around so much. So like leaner said, find her strong points and eventually she will be engaged in something! So all is not bad because of a lack of imagination - ask Slade he suffered from that as well and look how engaged he is now days!

tif-do said...

She is a very smart girl, she's already in an advanced reading class, so maybe your right. Maybe the lack of one thing will give way for a strength in another. Thanks!!!

leaner said...

I know I was a reader, RHayn has a book of North American animals that she carries around (Mom, did we see this one at the zoo? Remember Carter said he found one of these? Look its a badger!) Its great, but she also plays alone often.
I know that I spent much of my time as a child with my nose buried in books, it was a way to escape and even imagine I was someone else for a while (Loved the little house on the prairie books! i was fascinated by that time period.)
ok, i don't really have anything helpful to say, just wanted to chat. LOL