Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I was cleaning the fresh snow off my car and getting it warmed up so I can drive the kids to school and noticed the thermometer says -2, if you've never had the pleasure of breathing in -2 air I will give you a vivid explanation of the sensation. First the air stings your lungs and makes it feel like the very air you breath in is burning your insides like a poisonous gas. There's also the great feeling you get in your nose, any Moisture you have in your nose freezes solid making you feel like it is full of rock hard boogers. And you have to make sure your hair is dry, because it might freeze and break right off. To prepare for the 5 minutes I would be outside I adorned myself in scarf, beanie, gloves, snow boots, hooded sweatshirt, and coat. I love winter.
The kids are all getting very excited for this week. Ty and Kynzie have there annual school Christmas program to prepare for. I am so glad we live in little town USA, because I hear that some areas don't have Christmas programs anymore. I really enjoy the huge production the k-4 graders put on every year. Wyatt will have a band concert next week, he plays the drum. I really do enjoy this time of year and all the fun things we get to do.


TLC said...

BRRR! I feel so bad for Slade having to catch the bus at 7:20. Today it was 7 degrees when he had to go out there. I think I will be driving him to school if I can. I'm sure it's not any warmer when Jack has to go but I can't take him because I have a daycare kid here at that time. And they "just LOVE" winter - yuck!

abeNanna said...

After spending a few days in Kansas City where the high was 12 I can remember why I don't live in the great white north. The one lady that was with us said "it can't be too cold outside because there are no degrees." We tromped around in the snow and went for a 1/4 mile walk to a restaurant one evening, it felt good to be out in the cold, knowing that we would soon be back to freezing when it hits 50. LOL