Thursday, December 01, 2005

It is 1 degree outside, yes I said 1 degree. BBRRRR! I'm chilled to the bone.


leaner said...

I can feel my teeth chattering! I was cold this morning when taking out the trash and it was 50! LOL I am such a desertrat! How long did it take you to adjust from AZ to MT?

tif-do said...

Some days I feel very adjusted to the weather, but when that wind blows and you get the windchill factor, there is no such thing as adjusting.

leaner said...

LOL. My mom can't stand the cold that windchill thing would do her in (if you ask her! LOL) I LOVE the cold, I would LOVE to move somewhere that snowed, but I think a lot of it is that I LOVE sweaters and winter coats and thermal long johns and all that, which you cant wear here, even on the coldest day some sweaters are too much!
Will would love to live in a colder climate, also. So we are hoping someday to move at least up in elevation in AZ.