Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Haydukes Magic Pen and the Long Walk Home!

(In reply to Haydukes comment)

The walk home had to be at least four miles, uphill all the way, well not really, but it was far. The bus would drop us off, and if we were lucky Mom would give us a dollar for the trip home. We'd stop at the grocery store by the rail road track, the same store Grandpa used to take me to, to pick out ice cream(the kind with icecream scoops all over the carton). I think it took us forever to walk home, why did we live so far out in the wilderness? But our house was cool, because we had acres and acres to play on. There was dogs, mean dogs, I remember praying in my head that they were tied up, and wouldn't come out and eat me up. I think Hayduke should of invented a pen that made dogs disappear. I'm not sure how long we were latch key kids, but my brother must of taken good care of me, because I'm still here, with no scars. Only once did I threaten to walk back to the bank and tell on him, at least only once that I can remember. But that walk it was a long one, at least 6 or 7 miles for sure!!!

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lvh said...

Long walks home with older brothers can be very interesting. Grandma used to take us to the Saturday matinee at the theater in Pima and drop us off with a whole quarter. It would cost us a dime to get in then with the remaining 15 cents we could buy either popcorn and a candy, soda and a candy or two candies. If we bought two candies we were expected to take 5 cents home. Then after the movie, we would walk home back to the red brick house out on the farm. Uncle Tom's legs were a lot longer than mine for sure so practically had to run to keep up with him. I think I could beat him now in a walking race though. I keep thinking I would like to measure the distance from the theater to the spot where the old brick house was just to see how far it was we actually had to walk.