Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Projectile PUKING

So I'm so over this sick thing and I'm afraid it's only just begun. Friday night Kynzie had a tummy ache. Does anyone know how far throw up can travel when it's starting point is the top bunk? Let me tell you when it hits a flat surface at the end of its journey, it's splattering radius is pretty far. Gladly today, I thought she was over it, and then school nurse called at noon, and asked me to come and get her. Luckily Wyatt will be headed back to school tomorrow. His chicken pox have healed over nicely. So far the other kids haven't broke out with a spot. I wouldn't wish sickness on anyone, but I am hopeful they will all get it soon and get it over with. The anticipation is killing me, I do a body check everyday. I would wager on the fact I bet Kasey will get it first, but maybe this stomach thing with Kynzie is the beginning of the virus for her. I hate to ramble on about sick kids but honestly that's what I've breathed and slept, for the last week. We did, or I should say Kenneth did get the wood laminate floor layed this weekend. It looks really nice, and it really compliments the green that I painted the walls the weekend before. We only have the boys room left for our big project list we started last year. When all the trim is in I will post some pictures of the house, I'm very proud of all the work that we could accomplish ourselves.
I had a bit of a run in with one of the PTA volunteers today. I simply asked her to do something, and she could of simply told me no, but instead she ranted on about how she shouldn't be asked to do more than she does, and that only 3% of the volunteers do everything in the whole school, she said that she doesn't have sucker written on her head, and she has learned to say the word no, and someday I might too. The more I thought about it the more it angered me, because unless I feel capable I wouldn't say yes for the things I do. I was making my way down the school hallway collecting the last of the Box Tops for education (something I've done for the last 3 years because it's a really fun competition and I enjoy being involved) and she passed me again. She kind of snickered at me, and said "you do box tops too?"To which I replied "Yeah, imagine that I'm PTA president, and I do box tops." There is nothing wrong with saying no, but there is something wrong with being rude about it. On with the rest of my day, in search for a volunteer, and some chicken pox, and maybe a little sanity would be good too.


lvh said...

Sounds like you need to send that lady to Dr. Phil's website. He had the self-proclaimed "B's" on there the other day and said he would have a quiz on his site so a person can do a self-test. I don't envy you getting to clean up all the mess from sick kids - I just have Uncle John feeling sickly and he's the biggest baby of all. Love ya

Alex's Human said...

I say you should walk up to that horrible woman, tell her that you are the Queen, and then poke her in the eye!!

I hate people like that!! Hope your kids get to feeling better soon..

abeNanna said...

Don't envy you this part of parenting. When our kids went through the pox we had so much fun, the bear liked it so well that he had them two different times in six weeks.

tif-do said...

lvh- I saw that Dr. Phil. I couldn't believe those women. They were horrible.
alex's human- I've always had the desire to tell someone I am queen and poke them in the eye, I will keep that in mind the next time I have a run in with a nasty person.
abenanna- Hopefully my kids will only have to experience the pox once in there lifetime. It wasn't so bad on Wyatt but I don't know if I could handle them all being home for more than 1 week.
Love you all!