Thursday, March 02, 2006

Living in Exile

Well it's Kasey's turn, she only has a few right now, Maybe if I'm really lucky it won't get to bad for her. This is when I turn inward and say, why oh why didn't I get her that darn shot. Even though half the kids here that have gotten sick were given the shot, I still feel badly for her.
I'm ready for spring. I think being cooped up with the kids, has really started taken it's toll on me. I'm feeling a little imprisoned. I was so desperate to get out today I loaded the girls up and drove around town real slow, but since I live in a pretty small town, it didn't take to long. I hate to feel this way, I hate complaining, but it's getting to the point of enouph is enouph and I'm mentally exhausted. I just want to cry, but I keep going with the knowledge this won't last forever. Only Ty left to go...

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rED baron said...

chinup, matey! 'tis better 'n walkin' th' plank!