Friday, March 24, 2006

Long Night...Long Day!

Well yesterday it started with a sniffle, but as the day progressed so did Kasey's cold!? Or at least that's what I attributed it too. By lastnight it was a full fledged breathing issue. She was wheezing pretty good, and a breathing treatment didn't seem to fix it, so around 2 am I took her to the er. They gave her a different kind of medicine that seemed to curb it for awhile. Once home about an hour and half later she was wheezing again. I took her back in this morning they x-rayed, drew blood, and did an RSV test. The x-ray looked good, but unfortunately she's once again anemic which they attributed to the fact that she's been sick a lot for the last 2 months. We won't get the RSV test back until morning. I feel so bad for her, now she's on three different meds to help her breath and get rid of any underlying infection. I can't wait until summer when we might get a break from all this crap, and maybe her body can catch up. She's such a happy and energetic little girl, it breaks my heart to see her lethargic and trying to catch her breath.

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Pen-nut said...

Sorry to hear that Kasey is sick again. Hope she feels better soon. Give her hugs for us.