Monday, April 03, 2006

I really should be doing something today, but I always find myself glued to this computer on Monday mornings. I had a bunch of grouchies in my house on Saturday, but yesterday was better, except for the wasted 2 hours I watched the movie DOOM. I would have used my time more wisely if I had clipped my toenails or something. But unfortunately I just felt to lazy to even stop the movie, I just sat there and watched it. Tomorrow I'm having a makeup party, how domesticated is that. It's not even that I wear much makeup, but if I can at least earn a descent discount, I will buy this bronzer they have that is a powder that gives you a sun touched glow. Anything to make me feel less iridescent from the Montana winter. I thought of going and tanning, I do love the warmth on my skin, but I don't know. I just know that when summer comes and shorts are required I don't want my legs to glow with an elmers glue color. I'm feeling very self conscious about my image lately. I just feel flawed, whether it be my aging snowwhite skin, or my flabby middle section, I think that I am ready for an overhaul. I'm just really not sure how to go about it. Exercise, eat right, beauty regimen, tan??? New me coming right up, right after I eat this bowl of Cookie Crisp!


TLC said...

funny - i just bought some jergens "natural glow" lotion. was too afraid of what my legs would look like when it was actually time to wear my and gauchos. if it said "self-tanning" lotion I wouldn't have bought it but it said it was more of a "glow" We will see if I get all streaky and orange colored! Right now, any color will do! Flawed is a harsh word! Replace it w/ radiant and worthy! love you!

leaner said...

Yeah, you aren't flawed. You are you. But occasioanlly we all need an overhaul, because it feels nice to be pampered... so buy your bronzer, and wear it proudly!