Monday, May 15, 2006

Smothered Day!

I woke to the creepings of children yesterday. The Creepings that indicated secret action was unfolding. The good kind of creepings. (Expecially when daddy is not around, so it was completely orchastrated by my children.) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Wyatt, Ty and Kynzie presented me with homemade cards. Kynzies stating her love for me, and the Boys declares "You bring us Joy!", with an almond joy taped to it. They are good kids. Then church, with the lovely rendition of Mother I Love You! Followed by Pansies for all the Mothers. Very bravely I let them take over the kitchen as I sat in the Bedroom. We had grilled cheese, by Ty, Lemonade by Kynzie, and a chocolate cake by Wyatt. It was the best lunch ever. We then went on a bike ride to Deveney's Greenhouse,(where the owner stated as we marched in like a small parade, "Now here's a Mother that's well represented) and each picked out a flower to plant in our flower garden. We planted the flowers together. Kynzie gave me a Mothers Day massage, and they all sang a beautiful song they made up all on their own. I truly felt smothered with love yesterday.

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leaner said...

How sweet! I can't wait until my babes are old enough to plan their own things! (instead of relying on last minute daddy!)