Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Today I woke a little earlier than normal. AAAHHH the sun is shining, the birds singing and all that spring stuff was going on. It's been beautiful weather the last few days. Even last Saturday I acquired a pink face for hours under the sun, watching back to back little league games. I am thrilled that summer is almost here. I love being outside in the warm weather, playing with the kids, planting flowers, bike rides, evening walks, oh the joys of summer. So when I woke up this morning, and checked my favorites which are filled with all the blogs I treasure, I found, that hopefully I'm not the only one taken in by the glorious warmth. That all those blogs unattended to, creators are out enjoying the spring/summer. What a wonderful time of year to be active, and let my mind take a vacation.

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lvh said...

I'm glad you are enjoying spring. It was 28 here this morning and my tulips looked like they wanted to crawl back under the dirt and hide. It is kind of good because Monday it was so gorgeous that after I fed, I had a real hard time coming back into the house to work.