Thursday, September 28, 2006

So, I'm not ready

My mouth is still gaping wide open from the shock I received last night. I was sitting here at the computer and wham I got hit right up side the head. Let's go back two weekends ago. I was at my PTA convention (which was a blast of fun, who knew getting out with a bunch of PTA ladies could be so fun, keep in mind, it's most of these ladies yearly get away) Anyway as I was saying, at the PTA convention they have vendors set up. They are trying to sell their fundraisers, insurance, dish network, ect. but occasionally there is a vendor just giving out information. There was one man giving information on starting a school celebration on the constitution, and one group anti-war, and school bus safety, and whatever else. The 2 vendors that effected me the most were planned parenthood, and one called project 7th grade. At planned parenthood, I received a free book called Beyond the Basics-which is a book on how to talk to your 11-19 year old about sex. WOW! And then at project 7th grade they gave me a home drug test for a anti drug campaign targeted at 7th graders. OKAY, did you say 7th grade. Not my kid!!! In fact that's what the drug test says right on the box, not my kid. I'm heading into some shark infested waters. My little baby cutie pie, is not, can't be, that old. So I get home look at Wyatt and say to myself, it's gonna be alright. He's a good kid, not even close to that age yet.
So last night as I sit here at the computer, Wyatt says "hey mom!" (I do have to say the lines of communication are open between Wyatt and so I am glad about that) "hey mom, who do you think I should take to the Halloween dance?" brief pause "I have 2 girls in mind, in case one says no I have a back up." WHAT! Exactly what movie have you been watching? I did react in a calm and rational way. I asked him questions about why, what, huh? His reasoning really was practical. "They don't serve punch, so I have to take a date, because there won't be a punch bowl to hang around." Funny! Honestly where did the years go, that he could be this old. Dances, drugs, sex... UGG. I'm so not ready for this stage.

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