Thursday, October 26, 2006


Hey if you read this, I'm not allowed to comment on your blog because I'm not a team member. So I was going to say, Yummy Black Angus. Did you get the sampler appetizer. I used to love that. We used to eat there for Birthdays, they don't have them up here. Boo Hoo!!! Glad you had such a great day, through small and simple things.


amiedanny said...

Thanks, I think I have it fixed.

You know what, I hate meat--steak, especially, so I have a hard time eating there, but my hubby Loves the stuff. Served his mission in Argentina, go figure. Anyway, he loves it, and I order the one chicken item on the menu, chicken fingers.

Unfortunatley, they had changed the recipe since the last time I was there, and I didn't like it as much. So we probably won't be going back any time soon. But the cheesy garlic bread was suuuuuper good!

lvh said...

bI think we need to petition to get a black angus in MT. J and I were just talking about that the other night - I absolutely love their fried zucchini with cucumber dip. But I think more than the food, I like the great big booths that isolate you from everyone else and all the noise.