Sunday, October 22, 2006


I literally feel like I'm going into hibernation mode for winter. I'm putting on weight. I eat like a bear. I could easily sleep all day, if having the opportunity to do such. I'd prefer to stay indoors avoiding any and all cool air. Sad isn't it. Trying to get into the Halloween spirit yesterday I watched SCREAM. Not at all as scary as it was the first go around. I have a calused soul to that stuff, it's been awhile since I've watched anything that scared me. Mostly bad storylines! Oh well


amiedanny said...

OH MY GOSH girl, "Scream" scared the pants off me. If I even think about it now, I still get spooked. I have a waaaaay over-active imagination. I can't even watch Law and Order. Scares me cuz that kind of stuff can actually happen!

You need to be a snowbird, move down here in October. It's beautiful. My kids are wearing shorts. =)

hairball said...

If you want a movie that disturbs and scares, try the excorcism of Emily Rose. That movie made evil things way to real for me. Eat a couple of candy pumpkins, that may change your Halloween spirit.