Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Well another week is zooming by. I am having a good week thus far. Its been only slightly busy. We of course are in the middle of the soccer season and Wyatt is taking a hunters safety class. Sunday we went for a back road drive to Red Lodge. We saw a lot of the burnt area. It went for miles and miles. I didn't realize until I saw for myself how very many miles it burnt up. Then at the very edge of the fire on the east side were the homes that were burnt. They were burnt down to the foundation, mostly just chimney left standing. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to go back and there be nothing left, nothing standing, nothing you can touch that wasn't charred to a crisp. It really makes you appreciate the things you have.

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lvh said...

Isn't it amazing though that with just the little rain we have had the area is already starting to turn green again. Just when you think it is autumn, the grass is struggling to regain a foothold on the land.

Our pasture has just enough grass in that the horses struggle over whether they want to eat the dry hay we give them or browse on the small fresh tidbits they can find themselves.