Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hannibal Rising

Just finished Hannibal Rising. I've always been quite fond of Lector stories. This one was a sad tale, and for those of you that may read the book or see the upcoming movie I won't spoil it, but I did highly enjoy this twistful look at his childhood and the how and why he became such a horrifying character. Also just read The Memory Keepers Daughter. It was very sad how one decision can change so many lives forever. Last but certainly not least I finished 2 book by Richard Paul Evans, Romance, Love, happily ever afters(sometimes) Can't go wrong there. I need to buy some more books-any suggestions???

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Amie said...

wow, wouldn't have picked you as a Hannibal fan. I can't believe they're making another movie; didn't realize these came from books. I did enjoy "silence of the lambs" to a point, but the one that followed that one was very disturbing and haunted me with images for a while. I never saw the prequel. It's fun to find books that you enjoy and can get into. I'm reading "Christmas Jars" right now, but haven't gotten too far; I'll read more today while walking. =)