Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rock On!

Wyatt got some cash for Christmas, so making a deal with Dad, and putting half down, a drum set appeared at my doorstep about a week and a half ago. It's honestly music to my ears, he's really not half bad. Of course dreams of a band are unfolding. Which I have no desire to toss away. Dream on, drum on, little drummer Boy!


Carter said...

Slade and I like Wyatt's drum kit. Slade is going to get a bass and maybe they can jam together someday. Is Wyatt taking classes or in his school music program?

tif-do said...

Wyatts played snare for the last 2 years at school. The music program through the school is pretty awesome. The "Band" had it's first practice today. It was well let's just say a good starting place. Fun to be the practice place for the band, which by the way is named SIDEKICK! They don't have a singer if anyone is interested.