Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I hate to think of it as taking advantage but I really did today. Kasey woke up slightly feverish with runny nose and coughing. What does this mean for me, well lucky for me, having the wonderful husband that I do, it meant I got to escape for the day. Extra little ones did not come, so Daddy took care of the sickie and I went to TOWN. WOOHOO!!! I went to the Old Navy and found great bargains for Kynz this time. I also went to the Target finding a few things I needed there. I was in bliss to be out of the house without any tag a longs. May I repeat WOOHOO! How wonderful is that, I was also in bliss singing along to the radio without anyone in the car with me for 2 hours, 2 hours of quiet sing a long lovely time having a lunch of Combos and a coke, One more time can I get a WOOHOO!!!


leaner said...


I look forward to that sort of day. Ahhhh. But for now, when the baby bug is sick, she needs mama even more. ALthough there were a few times in this sickness that she really wanted her dada!

I love Old Navy deals!

Amie said...

Whoo hoo!!!

I'm having a 'I'm-ticked-off-so-I'm-going-to-appease-my-mind-by-eating
-everything-in-site" day!

tif-do said...

Leaner-hope you guys can get rid of those sickies soon

Amie-Do what you must, but try to refrain from eating the couch, I've heard it may lead to major indigestion. Hope your day gets better.

lvh said...

I guess that is another weird thing about me - when my kids were little, I enjoyed taking them to town with me - always hated being alone in town and still do. I drug my kids everywhere. Once in a while, I think, I'm going to go to town today and do whatever I want to do and not do any grocery shopping for the whole day. I even take a list of stores I want to go to and when I get there, I just want to get home.