Thursday, February 15, 2007


My newest book review: One of my young women at church has been buzzing about this book Twilight for weeks now, so even though its targeted to a younger audience than myself, I figured what the heck so is Harry Potter and I love it. So I ordered this book, and got it on Monday. I finished it on Wednesday morning. I LOVED IT! One of the best books I have ever read. I have always been a bit of a vampire fan anyway, but this book took it all to a whole other level. So I am anxiously awaiting my copy of New Moon (the sequel) to arrive. 3 cheers for good books!


Alex's Human said...

Where do you get your books from?? You actually buy them? Very cool if you do. I used to buy books (when I had extra cash and could get them on sale), always hardback books so I could someday get a big bookshelf and have a wall of books in my living room... I have over a hundred of them..

Have you ever read a book called Prayers For Rain by Dennis Lehane? It's still my likely favorite.. Now, if I'd only turn off my cable so I couldn't watch the discovery / news channels, I might actually get them all read..

Happy reading, cuz!!

tif-do said...

It's funny but as much as I love to read, I don't like libraries. Its to much for me to handle. So I buy my books, or borrow them from friends. 80% of the books we own are kid books, but I'm trying to remedy that. I don't buy hardbacks usually, 2 reasons, they cost more and Kenneth doesn't like to take them underground because he's afraid he'll ruin them. But his dream is to own the entire Dark Tower series in hardback. I don't really care, they all read the same. I started a new trilogy today called Uglies. Reading is Fundamental!!!

Alex's Human said...

Oh yes, The Dark Tower!! That's an amazing series. The 5th and 6th book were kind of a chore to read, but I loved the ending.. I bought 2 of the last 3 in hardback and have the first 4 unabridged on cassette..

Uglies, huh? You really do read just about everything, don't you??