Monday, April 23, 2007

Family Time, The Bird and A Song

Grounding Wyatt for a week, has given me time to reconnect with him. He and I cleaned all Saturday morning together. He was generally cheery toward me (maybe because he knows if he's not I will add to his time, or he could of been in a good mood cleaning the toilet) And when we were done cleaning we played a very long game of Monopoly. I think cutting out social things in his life, has once again helped him to realize he has a family.
You have to take a moment to think about Montana. Growing in Az, I was subject to a lot of well rudeness. I love Az, but the people in MT are just plain different. They are still the type of people that help people on the side of the road. They still wave at everyone they pass wether they know them or not. Just generally kind and trusting of others. I guess a little of the Montanan has worn off on me. This weekend as we drove down the highway, I noticed that the cloth top carrier on a Californians SUV was part way unzipped and things were going to fly out at any minute. I told Kenneth that we needed to let them know. He caught up to them and passed while I pointed up, and mouthed "your topper, your topper" Then Kenneth pulled into the other lane, and we once again let them pass us, while Kenneth pointed up and mouthed "your topper, your topper" So thankful for our efforts in trying to help them out, they promptly stuck their arm out the window pointing a not so nice finger and speeding off. What a lovely experience of kindness we got to share with our children that day.
Last but not least, my final action as PTA president has been planning a Lip Sync. Lip Syncs are so fun. And as of last Friday I was getting a little discouraged that only 4 kids had signed up and 2 of them were my own. SO this morning I went in to pick up the list, and maybe solicit a few more acts. I went class to class, and came out with 12 acts. I am so HAPPY that this may be successful and I can leave on a high note.

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Amie said...

Too bad about your random act of kindness...oh well, you did your best! Good luck with the Lip Sync and WHO HOO no more PTA soon! (or are you still going to be in it next year?)