Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thirteen and Three

I don't know who's bright idea it was for my oldest and youngest children to have birthdays in the same week (oh yeah it was mine) but it is not a good thing for me emotionally. Every year for Wyatt is one year closer he is to being a grown man (only 5 years or so depending on his maturity level). Every year for Kasey marks the last time I experience that age with my own child. The terrible twos are almost a memory. The teenage years loom ahead. What an emotional roller coaster for me.

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Carter said...

Is it that time of the year?? We were just talking about how Crispin will be 3 next month and how fast it has gone but how little he is still. Mikaela is taking her sweet time growing up and it is a good feeling that I finally get one that stays a baby longer.

Happy Birthdays to the both of them and glad y'all made it home from the happiest place on earth. I had a dream that slade got shot at or something bizarre like that and I was sobbing, "but it's the happiest place on earth!" I guess we were at Disney land but I didn't see any rides, just tons and tons of people. Kinda like I imagine it being anyway - way too long of lines for me!

talk to you soon! P.S. just think about how much fun you get to have with your hubby as the kids get older or even with your own friends!