Monday, April 09, 2007

We're Back!

Well I could go the travel log route, telling you all about the long lines, the churros, the rides, parades, and fun-fun-fun! But instead, I've decided that I wanted to take the glass half full approach this time. It would be easy enough to find some example of human rudeness, and inconsideration's. But in a world that's full of unkind and uncaring persons, chivalry is not dead, I promise you. On our trip not once but twice on the bus, I witnessed men standing up to let women and children sit down. Not once, but several times I had people chase me down because Kasey had once again dropped something out of her stroller. People talked politely in line about where they were from, or what time the next parade was. They shared their information on stroller passes, fast passes, and the best game plans of experiencing all the rides with little waits. People are generally good, we just tend to get caught up in the few bad eggs. We all had a great time. Kasey was truly on her best behavior waiting patiently for her turn to ride, declaring "that was awesome!" when she got off. She was happy to go along with what ever we planned, it was truly heart warming to watch her eyes light up in the magic of it all, and almost sad to know that this was our last time to experience that magic window of Disneyland with a 3 year old.

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Amie said...

How awesome, love the pics and the hats! This SO makes me want to go back there! Hopefully, my hubby will be accepted into the Paramedic Academy so we will not be able to go for many many months; hopefully next year. I'm glad you found wonderful people to make your experience great!