Friday, May 11, 2007

Labor of Love

We impatiently wait for that day, from the day the test states positive. We wait and worry, and think. Will we be a good parent, will we be able to provide everything this baby needs, will we loose ourselves in motherhood? The day arrives, and no matter how, that baby will make its way outside, often painful, often emotional, frequently tearful, a sweet blessing. And almost instantly you can't remember life without this little one. That is labor, and it continues. We labor to take care of them every day. Some days are easy as you breath in the sweet smell of their skin, as you hold them to your breast, as you watch them meet new milestones. Some days are hard. The nights of restlessness, the 2 am fever, the crabby 3 year old. And they grow, and you grow right along with them. You learn to parent, as they change and develop. And the labor continues. You cry when you drop them off to their first day of school. You make cupcakes. You hug them when they are hurt. You clap for them when they star in the Christmas play. You get frustrated when they don't listen. You cheer the loudest as they round home plate. You pray every night that they will be safe. Then they are teenagers. The labor is hard. They worry you constantly. The restless nights return. You hold on with all you have to the out of control roller coaster ride. You laugh with them, you cry with them. You sometimes wonder where inside this individual is the baby you once held so close. You say I love you every day, even when there is no response. Then it's time for them to go, and become the adult. And the labor continues, it never stops. You still worry for the rest of your life. You hope for all the best things for your child. You hope you taught them the things they need to survive in the real world. You love them unconditionally.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you who continue to labor!


Pen-nut said...

Thanks for the beautiful reminder of what motherhood is!! Happy Mothers Day to you!!

Amie said...

Tif, what a beautiful post! Love it! Great pictures too.

Carter said...

Happy Mother's DAy to you! I feel like I am the luckiest mother alive, but I feel this way every day! Talk to you again very soon!

dacheese said...

What a great POST! We have never gotten a chance to know eachother well and I am glad that I am able to read your posts so that I can know this wonderful person that I have missed out on knowing!

Happy Mothers Day!