Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So I have not yet seen my dear Captain Jack in his return performance. The boys went this weekend, but we just didn't get there. This coming weekend it's my goal. But I can patiently wait.
We had a good weekend. Kynzie was baptized and we went out to eat at Fiesta En Jalisco. It was so neat, I can hardly believe she is that old already. We also ran to town to pick up some stuff for a new member of our family (will post about later) Then on Monday we went back into town the other direction to get some camping supplies, so when we finally go camping maybe we will be ready. I don't know, having never taken our family camping, I'm not sure what the necessities are and what is really unnecessary.
I feel like at the moment I'm playing catchup for months without good sleep or something. Or it could be PMS, but hopefully once that runs its course I will be feeling all energetic and summery. I did stay up to late last night watching Music and Lyrics (cute enough). And went to bed to wake to Kasey hitting me in the back saying "get up momma get up momma" Hopefully that won't be the summer trend.

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Alex's Human said...

Yeah for camping!! Now, if you had joined in the reunion last summer, you'd already know what you need (insert small amount of guilt here). I always take everything I can fit in the auto. I think I get that from my parents, but if you ever go camping with them you'll see how great it is to know that if you need something, chances are that they packed it. Better to have it, than wish you did, right? But as long as you have a tent, sleeping bags, warm clothes, something to make a fire, water (in case you need it and to put out the fire), and food it should all be good.. I hope you have a lot of fun when you do go.. and I really hope you get to feeling all summery soon!!