Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wrapping it up

Here we are in the countdown to summer. Busyness is an understatement. But it will be over very very soon. This week is a crazy one though, and I hope to make it without forgetting something. Monday was baseball. Tuesday Band Concert (Ty sang a solo in choir, and both of the boys played in the band, I was also supposed to have my last golf class, but it got canceled last minute. Tonight is Baseball. Thursday Kenneth and Wyatt leave for Wichita for the Science Olympiad competition. Also am going to go get my hair done different, also baseball. Friday, nothing, what are you kidding me, maybe we could rent a movie or something (I've really wanted to see music and lyrics, anyone seen it???) Saturday, clean clean clean, happy birthday to Crispy. Sunday church. 21st Kenneth and Wyatt return, last PTA meeting and Baseball. 22nd meeting at church. 23 Baseball and Kynzies Birthday. 24th . 25 Last Day of School(hooray) Pirates Release. 26th Kynzies baptism (your all invited) That's my calendering.
I'm also thinking that this summer I'd like to come up with some goals for my kids that they can earn fake money for, and they can buy things, like movie tickets, rentals, small trinkets, ice cream??? But I'm having a hard time thinking of goals other than reading books. Any ideas?


Alex's Human said...

A thought for goals for your kids.. Perhaps there is someone, an elderly or sick member of your ward for example, who could use a hand (their yard mowed or something),. You could all help with whatever it is and then go for ice cream :)

Amie said...

Wow, that is crazy. It's gonna make these next couple of months fly, isn't it? Down here, that would be great, but you guys probably love summers up there. Good luck!! Take some time out for yourself every now and then, OK?