Friday, June 15, 2007

A perfact smile

Well here we are at Friday. Can you believe how fast that week went. A few months ago K told me he would like me to paint our bathroom white, it was a light blue. I said okay, but I want new towels ones that were bought in this decade. So Monday I went to town to find the perfect towels for my bathroom. Unfortunately my toilet is Pink. Not pastel or anything, but it makes it very hard to find decor to match that. I discarded what color the toilet was and went for some colors I liked, that would match the colors in the bedroom. Tuesday (in slightly backward order I painted the bathroom.) And although it wasn't a huge change, it seems so clean and new in there. A small sanctuary of sorts.

Yesterday Wyatt left for a camporee. He decided to go last minute, so we ran around the house crazy in the morning to get him ready to go. Ty had a baseball game last night, followed by a meeting for all-stars. I have mixed emotions about the all-star thing. I'm happy for him to get picked, but one of the tournaments is very far away, and the uniform and entry fees are kind of expensive. But what do you do???

This morning I got up and went to a Ortho consultation appointment. I thought that since I went through the crappy process of having my smarty teeth pulled last year, that they could just slap some braces on my crookedy teeth and I'd have a miss America smile. NO SUCH LUCK!!! He said they'd have to pull two more of my good teethies to make my bottom teeth straight. I literally laughed in his face. I guess braces are not an option for me. I am a little disappointed. I'm going to go back to my dentist to see what my other options are, if there are any. Another chapter closed. Kind of funny when something you've thought about for a long long time, is off the table.


Alex's Human said...

ummm.. just a crazy thought, but why don't you replace the toilet????? The coolest towels in the world can't make up for a pink toilet (which decade is that from??) :)

And can pull those two other teeth and then do the braces, or are you not ok with them pulling any more teeth?

Carter said...

Jackie has try-outs for a soccer team and boy, will that cost an arm and a leg if he makes it! Makes you kind of think, it's a money making scheme but at the same time, you want to foster their passion for certain talents. We'll see.

cute bathroom! and I would so love a pink toilet - sounds kitchsy and up my alley.

take care

tif-do said...

alex's human- I'm sad to say but that part of the house was built in the 90's I think. Also it's the teeth pulling that I'm not into. It took everything I had to get my smarty teeth pulled, and they actually caused me pain and agony, but my thought is why should I pull teeth that are just doing there job.

Carter-so glad you are back among the living. I know that's kind of where were at with the sport stuff, so we are going to make a family camping trip of the tournamant the farthest away.