Thursday, July 05, 2007

Long Story For a Long Week

So we left on our journey pulling our camper and making the long trip up north for Ty's tourney, just to get there on Friday night and have his first game rained out. The camper slept really nice, and everything was very convenient (especially the toilet, since I have a sincere dislike of going poo in public restrooms). Saturday the team played 3 games in the hot. They lost by a small margin to all 3 teams, to turn around on Sunday and win 2 games, including beating one of the teams they played against on Saturday. I guess the way the bracket fell, this put them in 1st place in the consolation bracket. Yay Ty! Then we started on the long journey home and arrived about 9:30 Sunday night. I did some laundry, cleaned up some stuff and packed my bags back up to trek down to Red Lodge for Rodeo and such. We had fun on Monday, some friends met us there and we watched the parade, and Rodeo. Wyatt had plans to work the rodeo with Mema all three days. He mostly sold tickets with Papa, and kept the drink vendors stocked with ice. His pay day came on the second night when I got a phone call saying "Mom Johnny Knoxville is here at the Rodeo and he's going to ride in the Wild horse race." I told him well you better get his autograph. So Mema took him behind the bucking shoots, and Wyatt got his autograph on the hat he had on. It was a good day for him. Meanwhile the rest of us hung out at Memas house and did some yard work and cleaning so she could come home to a nice home. We spent last night up at the rodeo grounds watching fireworks. Today we came home, and I am beat.

Above photos- Kynzie always smiling even on a long road trip. Kasey in the camper(notice her face is slightly swollen darn mosquito's) , Wyatt borrowed Papas cboy hat so he'd blend at the rodeo, Ty up to bat.


Amie said...

Wow, what a jam packed week! Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm lovin' that camper!

Pen-nut said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Glad you did. See you in 2 weeks - yeah!!!