Sunday, September 02, 2007

Wild Wild West

Wednesday Night Kasey woke up with the vomits. Which I in turn got. So I took Thursday and Friday off from daycare. Which really wasn't all that horrible, in fact it was nice, of course it would of been nicer without the stomach bug. But once again made me think, what am I doing??? That's okay. I didn't post about being inspected on my 2nd day. That was fun. I got cited for a few things, which are totally fixable, but oh so annoying. And once again I say to myself and anyone who will listen, What am I doing???
On to yesterday. We were suppose to go on a camping trip, but since we were not all feeling super stomach worthy, we took a day trip instead. We went to a little historical town called Virginia City. The whole place is protected by the historical society. It was a neat little place. We ate lunch, browsed the town, and had our Historical picture taken. I thought it turned out pretty good. Kasey looks like Kasey is, cute as a button, but honory as all H***, and Ty being a little shadow of daddy. I especially like Wyatt crazed look, I thought he'd play a good Billy the kid. Kynzie the little lady. The kids thought it was so fun.


abeNanna said...

Great pic tif-do. Remember one of these taken years ago. You had on a much more masculine outfit leaner had on a dress. Funny how times have changed. LOL!!!

leaner said...

Yeah, you should totally find that mom! It would be cute to post

tif-do said...

I actually posted that picture back in January!!! It is a good one.

lvh said...

We went to Virginia City a few weeks ago. Actually we were in Ennis looking for elk and I had JVH turn west instead of east and so we drove through and then back through and headed up the mountain. It did look like a fun place - I'm thinking maybe I should take G'ma there while she's here.

Cute picture - Wyatt looks like the typical teenager - "I don't want my picture taken".