Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend summary

Good weekend. Soccer game. Geocaching, New Truck, Father and son building, Grocery shopping, New Calling in the church (gospel doctrine teachers, yeah you heard me right, talk about scary), Picture taking, Primary program, Good weekend.

I have already began a Carter Family survey, if anyone has questions they would like to add, just email or blog them to me. Then I will be gathering addresses and names for all the families I need to send them too, so if anyone would like to make a name list for me that would be super.


Carter said...

those are some super scary looking lips!

I'll have to think a bit on questions for this family thingy. I will let your brother know to start thinking. He's the silly one when it comes to things like that.

Carter said...

What kind of address list? Email or snail mail?

tif-do said...

Aunt Lynda gave me a great list of everyones mail and email so I'm set with that.

leaner said...

Tag! Go to my blog and see what this tag is. :)