Thursday, November 29, 2007

December Blur and a Dead Pet...

Is it really that time of year, for Christmas specials, and cookies and presents and caroling, and hot cocoa... YES IT IS... So wake up! I feel the fog is all around me and I can't get through it but I so badly want to enjoy this Christmas season, I'm trying to push the fog out. Hopefully I will be successful in my efforts.

Kasey had her first experience with death today. Ty's beloved hamster Chubba died yesterday (I think, who knows really how long the little feller has been dead) Anyhow as Ty and I were discussing Chubbas funeral arrangements this morning I believe his exact words were "You threw him in the trash?" Kasey overheard us. "Mom you threw Chubba away?" "Chubba was dead." to which she replied "the doctor will come and fix him" "No honey the Dr. can't fix dead." "The Doctor come and fix him!" " No Dead means you don't come back. Heavenly Father and Jesus needed a hamster to play with." Sweet little girl then said "Oh Okay!"
Ty however spent half of last night crying over the little thing. I felt so bad for him, but honestly the little boogers don't live very long do they? (oh I'm a horrible mother)

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