Sunday, November 18, 2007

In the spirit of Thanksgiving...

I can't say that my day has been wonderful... but today (just for today) I'm choosing to take the optimistic approach.

1.The party was cancelled. I am grateful because on Dec. 7 I will get to spend the evening with my husband all to myself.

2. I bought an outfit for my night out yesterday nothing fancy just some cute cords and a red sweater... I got home and tried them on, unfortunately I have to return the pants... For a smaller size yeehaw!

3. I was running late for church today... got in the car to find that it wouldn't start. Crap-ola... But it reminded me that I'm not alone I have friends... Not only did I have a friend that came and took me to church even though she wasn't going that direction, but another friend brought me home and jumped my car.

4. Wyatt was sick last night with a headache he threw up most of the night, he's feeling better now. It reminded me of how lucky we are to have mostly healthy children, and to be mostly healthy ourselves.

I'm pretty grateful for the things I have today.


Amie said...

Good for you. =)

CresceNet said...
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