Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I need a couple of addresses for Christmas Cards...
Alex's Humans Brothers new address
I need the zip code for Elise's brother that's my age
I also need purplelurples new address and the littlest brother in that families address too... My goal is to get them to at least all the adult cousins which is about everyone. Wish me luck.
Please Email this info if you have it.

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leaner said...

You can send the youngest of my bro's to my parents house. Also if you don't get PurpleLurple's address in time- send to my parents (they are over there and get mail there all the time...) As for the others... I need those, too!
Do you have my email? (I don't have yours.) Could you email me your address? Cuz I can't find it, and your parents. Thanks!