Saturday, December 29, 2007

You'd think after many years of experiencing it I learn to deal with the post Christmas Blues.... But no here I am again, feeling worn out, sad and alone... although the alone part seems silly because I'm surrounded by noisy, crazy kids. I just feel well in the simplest forms I can think of...Sad. Sad because I know I still have months of cold weather with nothing to look forward to. Sad because I have 5 months left of Daycare. Sad because I don't feel like I have a lot to show for 2007. It's dark at 4:30pm and stays dark until almost 8:00am. Its to cold to go outside and do much without freezing your little butt off, which wouldn't be a completely horrible thing because it defiantly wouldn't hurt to freeze a little of my butt off, but that's beyond the point. I just feel slightly cheated of time, it goes by so quickly.


Pen-nut said...

Time does go by so quickly. I can't believe that the year is over. I too get the "what did I accomplish this year?" blues. I'm ready to make my list for 2008, and hopefully I'll get a few more things done. That's one thing I do like to do, think of all the things I want to do, and start all over again. A new chance to start again in 2008. Sorry you're having a down day, hope you feel better tomorrow.
Love ya!!!

leaner said...

I so far have avoided them. To me it totally matters what time of the month Christmas hits me on. Last year I had PMS. This year I am mid cycle and every thing is all peachy. Of course we've all been sick this past week... but happy and enjoying our gifts and time with each other.

I can't say how I'll feel in two days when its 2008... I am trying really hard NOT to dwell on it (yet.)

lvh said...

We started our list of things we need to accomplish in 2008 and the longer we talked, the bigger the list got so decided I'd better work on the budget to see what is realistic. I always feel great this time of year thinking of getting a brand new year in a few days with lots of opportunities and surprises waiting for me. Happy New Year in 2008.