Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ditch day and other things...

Monday my kids had a ditch day with there dad. Well the big kids... Kasey stayed here to entertain me, and the 4 other kids I had. When they got home they were all beaming with big grins across their faces. He bought them each a Honda Motocross bike. Very very cool.... by far cooler than any thing I had as a child, in fact I'm slightly jealous... I'd be more jealous if I wasn't so grown up...LOL. Anyhow he took them out riding that day too, and they loved it. Wyatt especially. The other two were a little nervous, but I'm sure they will get the hang of it. And eventually I will get to go too... and see there riding technique, sometime when I'm not trapped like a rat. The funniest thing was getting to explain to the principle why all 3 of my children missed school that day, when he came to pick up his daughter from daycare.
Mon. 7 High... seeing my kids beam. Low... Not getting to go too.

Yesterday... I was short one child today. What a huge difference when both boys aren't here. So much quieter. The kids played nicely and no one lost any mittens ( a new disciplinary chart I made, Each kitten (kid) starts the day with three mittens. Every time they do something inappropriate (punch, bite, kick, wrestle, jump on furniture, kick or throw toys, etc.) they loose one mitten, if they loose all their mittens they have to sit out on something fun, like craft, or TV time.) So basically was a good day.
High... One kid short. Low.... Super headache...

Today... Not much going on today. The kids were all a bit restless, which makes me think there will be a change in the weather. Atmospheric pressure plays on kids emotions. The 2 boys were back at it again today. 2 youngest girls won't sleep.... or eat.... or play nice. What a crazy day. I would happily steal one of the kids new motor cycles and race away. Could be my own crazy hormones too. It's really to early in the day to come with a high and low... but I have a feeling the high will be went all these crazed kiddos go home.

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