Thursday, March 20, 2008

For Mothers Day This year all I want is a good professional picture taken of my family. I know it's a ways off, but I'm already thinking of what kind of clothes we should wear. Color Schemes??? Where we should get it taken??? I really want this to be a good picture. So in your experiences with family pictures... what colors for clothes, and type of pictures (location) do you think make the best pictures?


leaner said...

White shirts look the best, then you really see the faces, you know? Another idea is tans- Suzy and fam did that color and it looked good. We tried blues and also browns, but neither looked very nice. I am definitely doing white shirts the next time. Maybe even plain white Ts instead of dress shirts.

I also think outside portraits look better than inside studio portraits. (They usually cost more, though. Maybe ask around and find a free lance photographer?)

Amie said...

Outside shots, definitely! So, if you're planning a trip down to AZ any time soon, my best friend is a prof. photog. and would do your family very well. =)