Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Layover of a Lifetime.

Yesterday the day started okay. I was ready to come home. I had my flight number and packed my things properly for airline travel. We stayed in a nearby hotel due to pending weather. We woke up in the early morning hours so we could get to the airport on time for my 7:40am flight. We drove through six inches of snow and yuck to get there. I checked in. I got to my terminal... we started loading and they discovered a bad tire. SLIGHT DELAY. So we sat for a little bit. Then they came back and said they would have to fly in the parts and mechanic from Memphis to fix it. A lot of people changed their flight. But it seemed my options were limited due to lack of flights to Billings. So I waited and they changed my layover flight to a 9:00 pm flight hoping to have the plane fixed in time. I waited and waited and waited. I bought a book and I read. I looked and felt defeated. They gave me food vouchers. I ate breakfast with Darcey as they waited for their 11:00 flight out. They left. I waited and read. Finally they said the plane was fixed. They loaded the whole six of us on the plane. I felt ill.... irritated... tired. We started to back out of the driveway? and they stopped. The patchwork failed the tire failed... we pulled back into the driveway. We unloaded. They cancelled our flight. Back to the ticket counter. They changed my flight to a 7:16pm flight out on a different airline. They gave me more vouchers. I ate a huge lunch on the airline. I went to my new terminal... and I sat and read and read and read. 6:50 finally rolled around. I boarded my new unbroken plane. I was too tired to feel nervous. 12 hours at the airport. I flew to Denver. HOLY COW MANURE is that a big airport. I looked for my terminal. I found the number. I was suppose to fly out at 10pm. FLIGHT DELAYED. Literally how I didn't cry at this point is beyond me. I don't do huge crowds of people... I don't do alone... I plugged on to the service counter. Please get me home. He found me another flight but it was leaving right away and it was in another part of the airport. I got on the subway? THIS IS SOME STRANGE DREAM. I really at this point couldn't believe how surreal this all was. I felt like screaming. I had enough time to pee and check in and walk out across the pavement... to a little plane with huge propeller things... kinda crazy. Got on and in a stupor of shock flew home to arrive safely at 11:25 pm. I'm not sure yet what I was suppose to learn from all of that... patience.... gratefulness.... Independence? But I'm glad to be home after a tiring 6 days away. I'm glad to be back with my family.


Amie said...

Yikeroos!! Looooooooong day. I hope you enjoyed your books?

lvh said...

Wow - the next time I get stuck in an airport for 4 hours, I won't complain after hearing your horror story. I hate the Denver airport - it's big and it's ugly - even with their "train" you still have to walk a million miles to your gate when your flying to Billings. Glad your back home with your family - safe and sound.

Pen-nut said...

I am so glad that you finally made it home. Sorry that you had to be there alone. Love ya -