Thursday, April 03, 2008

Knee Deep In Dirt!

It doesn't matter how much I clean clean clean... as soon as one room is spot free, the next room is getting dirty. I seriously think that if I was to get this house all clean at the same time, it would require sending my family to live somewhere else for awhile. I shouldn't get frustrated about it. But it really can wear a person down. Today I've decided I'm not going to clean like a crazy person. Take a cleaning break... I often wonder if I started just picking up after myself. Keeping only my room and bathroom clean, only picking up my coat or shoes... what a disaster the house would be within a day, if I only washed my cereal bowl, or threw away my garbage, oh the mess it would be. I shouldn't whine about it, there's really nothing one can do about this dilemma and I know women all over the world can totally get where I'm coming from.... but it would be nice if my house would stay clean for 24 hours.... one can dream.


Amie said...

I sooooooooo get it. ;)

Anonymous said...