Friday, May 16, 2008

Flowers and A Shave

Although I had 6 kids yesterday( at this point I'm hanging for the ride, 9 1/2 days left) I got a few things done, and I need to brag a bit, because its felt lately that I've been a lazy lazy girl. First I finished the 8th grade slide show, not as fun as I originally wanted, but oh well. Now I just need to make 45 copies of the darn thing, which may be more time consuming than anything. But pretty close to done, and that's awesome. I also got out my gardening gloves, well not really I like getting my hands dirty it makes me feel like I've actually done something, and I filled my barrels with flowers. I also planted a couple of new plants in my flower bed, they all seemed very delighted in their new homes. They really did, they all looked at me with appreciation in their eyes and said "thanks". Okay so they didn't, but in a world with little thanks it would be cool if flowers could say thank you. When I was all done with that and the grass was getting watered, I decided to finish shaving Chili Dog... I started a couple of weeks ago and she didn't care for it, so I only got her top half, so yesterday I finished the job. She looks a little silly, but it's got to be better than her porcupine hair she had. Maybe now people won't laugh at her... she can hold her head up high... or she'll just stay a bit cooler for the summer. SO that is all the great things I did yesterday... on with today!

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leaner said...

Puppy is so cute all bald like that! I just wanna give her(?) a snuggle!