Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mooshee Girl Stuff!

We all are different. Some of us have lots of friends... friends in everyone we meet. Some of us have acquaintances and don't get close to many. Some of us reserve our friendships... only holding on to one or two good friends at a time, this is the category I fall in. I have a lot of people I would call acquaintances, the kind of people that if I see on the street I say hello, I chat with them at ball games or in the post office... but that's it. But as for those call and vent too, share your deepest secrets with, have complete understanding with, those kind of people come down to a very small number. I'm not complaining about it... like I said we're all different. It's due to that fact, that I'm that kind of person, that I find myself selfishly relieved at the moment. You see as I was dreading getting back from my vacation, just to say goodbye to one of my bestest buds, she has informed me that they are staying a little longer. CAN I GET A HOORAY! There are few people who really get me, who look out for me, who make me a little stronger in difficult situations, and SHE fits this bill, I've called her with my worst news, I've called her with my most exciting news. And although we very seldom, do stuff together (now without daycare, I am going to make this a priority), we talk to each other at least once a day. So as she is cleaning her garage today, making her home more sellable, I'm just holding on, knowing that someday near or far, I will have to say goodbye, but grateful that it can wait a little longer.


leaner said...

I am of the same kind. I have very few friends that "know me". And the closest one recently moved to a different state. It has been hard on me. I am in search of a new good friend, and I think that is hard.

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Amie said...

having a good friend like that just makes everything better. =)