Friday, July 25, 2008

No rest for the wicked....

Well I thought I'd get home and take a long nap... but that is not what happened. We were all out of groceries so I had to go buy some. Then I had to go to Moms and pick up Chili-dog... so today I'm home... not rested and ready for a big nighty!!!!
My vacation was a lot of go go going. And a lot of bum exploding Mexican food, delicious but should be eaten in smaller quantities if you know what I mean. SO here goes my travel log: For memory sake... for your boredom sake... for the shear pleasure of writing a ton of run on sentences because that's what I do best.
We flew into SUNNY HOT MESA ARIZONA on July 4th. The heat walking out of the airport nearly knocked my off my feet... but you know that was the hottest I was the whole trip. We spent the 4th in our home towns with the in laws. It was great fun, and got to spend time with a step brother that we haven't seen since Ty was a little baby. The weekend came and we went to The International Wildlife Museum where I met my new boyfriend along with many other stuffed animals (taxidermeed animals) . It was wonderful spending time with all the dead animals of the world, and the kids enjoyed it. We got Slade on Monday, so on Tuesday we went to the Tucson Mall and let the boys free to check out all of the Classy Ladies of Tucson. We also checked out the Foothills Mall and caught a movie.... WALL-E (loved this movie) The boys watched Hancock and loved it as well. On Wednesday we went to Safford to visit my oldest sis and her family. All was wonderful there.... we spent a day cemetery hopping(don't sigh, quite seriously one of the coolest things ever). I took lots of pictures and said hello to all the ancestors. Also got to go out to eat, just the adults, which was a delight. Friday we went back to Oracle and spent a few more days there. We took the kids to Old Tucson. Which quite frankly has gone down hill in the last 12 years, but we had fun there. The boys always kept us laughing especially when the dancing lady flirted with Slade. On Wednesday we said goodbye to the In laws and went to Grandma Cs for a quick visit, and shared a meal with some of the Carter cousins. It was good to see some of you, even those who didn't know who I was, lol.
Then it was to my sister Darcey's house. We got to go watch the D-backs in a very good game against the Dodgers. And had lots of fun hanging out with them. We also go to sneak out again with the adult Whitings and go out to eat dinner. We went to Joes Farm Grill (which was featured on the Food Network) anyhow really yummy food with a really neat atmosphere... and what topped it off for me was the Barbies and GI JOE'S in the bathroom walls to watch you while you.... go... too funny! Then it was time to come home. And you know for all that traveling and go go going, I really had a good time, and it went by really quickly. So glad to be home and glad to have my own bed back, and not be living out of a closet, but it was really nice to visit with family.

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Amie said...

I'm bummed we didn't hook up AGAIN! (Do you come every year?) You really had an action packed couple of weeks! I hope you had a good time...and I hope you can rest up and relax some before school starts. =)