Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Four Answers to age old blogger comments:

1. The High school mascot is Herders... he also smokes a pipe... He is a pipe smoking Herder in a tobacco free school. The little guy football team is referred to as the "Little Herders." Yes silly I know. But I don't know if its sillier than the Frogs. Eat em up Frogs Eat em up YUM YUM!!!

2. Not an answer to a question, more just a random thought. I don't hate cheerleaders. My mom was a cheerleader, my sisters were cheerleaders.. and many of my friends now, were cheerleaders, possibly one day one of my daughters will be a cheerleader. It just wasn't my activity of choice. Differences make the world go round!

3. I did take my blog photo, thank you for the nice comments!

4. And last but certainly not least ... Tori Spelling is not the most attractive gal out there. And I don't mind saying so. She is prugly.... and honestly her character on 90210 Donna was annoying.


leaner said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who thought Donna was dull, and annoying. She only got the gig because her dad was the director.

I don't mind cheerleaders, either. In fact I hope one of my girls is a cheerleader! (So much fun to watch! I was never the coordinated!)

Michelle said...

I was kidding about the cheerleader thing. And, yes, the herder guy is lame, but I heard that Columbus used to be named "Sheep Dip" and you can't get much worse than that!

Amie said...

Did I ask you about your blog header? cuz if I didn't, I meant to, and to say, "where's jacob?"