Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What a Grand Day!

Today is triumphant and wonderful all mixed together. Today 1 ate a whole meal, a whole gerber graduate prepackaged meal. Now you think, what's so wonderful about that? Those of you with your babies that from day one of trying ate a whole jar of green beans, or those of you who have the 6 month old who will lick his lips for cereal. But for me the mother of the picky eater, to the point of needing a blood transfusion due to severe anemia, it is like winning the superbowl. I couldn't believe for the first time ever she opened her mouth for more and more until, to my delite the platter was licked clean as the old rhyme says. My heart swelled, God bless Gerber Graduates Mac n Cheese with applesauce. We have won a battle today, a battle against low iron, she is finally enjoying food. Now, what's for dinner?


hairball said...

hey gorgeous. i didn't know you were here too!!! do you know anyone else besides leaner and clint that are on? it's neat, like our own little cousin reunion. anyway, here's to stay at home mums! love ya -hairball

tif-do said...

I don't unless you want the blogs of some crazy people I know. I just found blog myself. I really enjoy it.

leaner said...

cousins unite?!
hee hee- there are some really awesome blogs, but it is so much more fun to read the blogs of those you know!