Friday, September 09, 2005


I have been running in circles all week, cleaning parts of my house that I never clean, scrubbing, organizing, I even cleaned the carpets. Then on top of that I went today and spent way too much money on groceries. Why do I do this to myself? I have been married for almost 12 years, but somewhere inside me I am still trying to prove that I am a good wife a good mother to their grandchildren, that it is okay their son married me. There can't be any excuses for them to not like me. Once again, why do I do this to myself. This will be their first vacation to Montana. We will get to show them the sights. I really do look forward to their visit. I hope it all goes well. I will get through the next 6 days with a smile on my face, or die trying!!!


leaner said...

What fun... I don't really have towrry too much abou tmy in'laws. Well- not the parent in laws. Will's brother and his wife are well- a bit more wealthy then we, so when they come over we try to have the house at least looking presentable and organized! When we go stay with them- its like a hotel sort of.
But i don't feel the need to impress them any more.
Will's dad lives in Idaho- we've only met him once, but he is supposedly coming to visit this winter (to meet his newest grandbaby!) I am sure I'll be doing the "In-Law Scramble" the day before he arrives! LOL
Have fun with the in-laws!

leaner said...

holy typos batman! that is awful!

Pen-nut said...

Good luck with the in-laws. Just remember that you are wonderful and amazing, not matter what they think. Hang in there and have fun.